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Michelle spent 7 years training as a glass artist on Eastbourne Pier. During this time she qualified with a National Diploma in General Art & design at Eastbourne College of Arts and Technology, specialising in ceramic sculpture.
With her love of art and design from a very young age her dream was to have her own craft shop.
Her dream was fulfilled when she went to an open day fo The Princes Trust. With her skills they helped her with a startup loan and mentor to help advise.
In January 1999 she opened her first workshop at Bentley Wildfowl and Motor Museum. Here she had a selection of her sculptures for sale and demonstrated to the visitiors.
Sadly East Sussex County Council pulled out of Bentley and Michelle had no choice but to relocate as the future of Bentley was unsure.
Michelle relocated to Hastings Pier but the shop was too large to fill with just glass so she called on the talents of fellow craftsmen/women she had met over the years. So The Glass Sculptress became a mixed craft shop with the wonderful history of Hastings and 1066 Country she had a fantastic opportunity to become and agent for Battle Orders suppliers of replica arms and armour throughout the ages.
In June 2006 Hastings Borough Council closed Hastings Pier with an emergency unsafe order. With no prior noticeto the traders even though they had planned this for months. All the traders on Hastings Pier had to relocate fast!
With her friends in the crafts community an amazing opportunity came when she relocated to a shop in the heart of Hastings historical Old Town.
Here Michelle continues to demonstrate her lampwork sculptures and offers an amazing selection of mixed crafts, and a selection of replica arms and armour.
Hastings has wonderful events including "Jack-in-the Green" and "Pirate Day". Michelle craft shop "The Glass Sculptress" at 48 George Street, Hastings Old Town caters for these special events.
It is an Aladdin's cave of crafts and armour - A must for a visit to Hastings!